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Guide to FPGA Implementation of Arithmetic Functions
Deschamps, Jean-Pierre / Sutter, Gustavo D / Cantó, Enrique.

2012. 500 Pages
ISBN 978-94-007-2986-5 - Springer

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Hardware Implementation of Finite Field Arithemtic
Hardware Implementation of Finite-Field Arithmetic
Deschamps, Jean-Pierre / Imaña, José Luis / Sutter, Gustavo D.

March 2009. 360 Pages
ISBN 978-0-0715-4581-5 - McGrawHill

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Synthesis of Arithmetic Circuits: FPGA, ASIC and Embedded Systems
Deschamps, Jean-Pierre / Bioul, Gery J. A. / Sutter, Gustavo D.

March 2006. 576 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN 0-471-68783-9 - John Wiley & Sons

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Fast Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication using Digit Serial Galois Field Operations (2012)
G. Sutter, J-P. Deschamps, J.L. Imaña

in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

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divider Fixed Point Division (2009)
G. Sutter & J-P. Deschamps

in FPL2009

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Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication over GF(2**163)
Jean-Pierre Deschamps  & Gustavo Sutter

in SPL2008

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Hardware implementation of Finite Field Division,
Jean-Pierre Deschamps  & Gustavo Sutter
Acta Applicandae Mathematicae – Special Issue on “Finite Fields: Applications and Implementations”. ISSN: 0167-8019. September 2006.

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  Courses and others
Decimal Arithmetic in FPGA
Preliminary Page (Circuits for Decimal Arithmetic in FPGAs)
ECI course (July 2007). Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

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